Wellteam Marine is a sole direct agent in Ukraine area of a biggest Offshore Company “TideWater Marine” (USA) .

We are constantly doing a full crewing service which includes selection of suitable candidates, visa services, booking flights , all paper works for the crew going on Client’s vessels (working agreement, travel letters, crew list...), additional certificates service for crew, Marlin’s test, Flag state administration’s docs for crew, Verification of Legitimacy seamen’s documents ...

Also our reputable Clients are "Northwest Crewing GMBH"“Ahlers Maritime”( Pumangol, ENSCO, Pride International- Offshore Driller), Bourbon Offshore (UAE), “Sarost Group” (Tunis), Gulf Drilling International (Qatar), "Topaz Energy" (Dubai) , "Sentinel Marine" (UK) . We are in constant supplying of these Companies with lot’s of very good, speaking English crew with big experience on merchant and offshore vessels.

As for Merchant fleet we have supplied a very big amount of crew on "ER Shifahrt" , "Bernhard Schulte", "Zodiac" - as a sub agent.

We supply All European ,Ukrainians, Russians, Georgians (branch office Wellteam Marine Georgia) and crew all over the wold. Representative persons of these companies are yearly visiting our offices for making an audit to Wellteam which is always successfully  passed.

When interviewed at "WELLTEAM MARINE" officers, engineers, and ratings complete a computer generated exam for their rank. Before joining the agency all seafarers are medically examined according to the Convention 1946(ILO N 73). Also they are preparing medicine certificates according to a flag and Companies demands.

We organize testing of competency and English knowledge of our candidates. We present only revised candidates, who have up dated certificates, prove of former Contracts, good references and recommendations from former employers. The agency specializes in crew for all types of ships. We can supply full crews or/and individuals. Our company offers support services in obtaining required flag licenses.

Our team can assure you that you will find a very strong partner in face of Wellteam like all our clients did as we are really hard workers doing ONLY honest business for both crew and clients 24/7

10 101 seamen have already registered
the Wellteam Marine
Single Engineer
3450 USD
CH ENG for Crew Boat
250 USD