• Dedicated Crew coordinators for Customer
  • Processing of Customer’s requirements
  • Crew selection
  • Verification of Legitimacy of seafarer’s documents
  • Crew planning
  • Booking flights from/to a vessel
  • All visas arrangements
  • PPE
  • Issue all documentation for seamen’s safe travel
  • Contact with agents supporting crew to/from a vessel
  • Offshore Employment and Payroll services
  • Training and Development arrangements 
  • Business meetings, seminars, interviews arrangements 
  • Polish and Ukrainian Medical Centers
  • Inspection arrangements
  • Flag State Management
  • Polish and Ukrainian Cadet and Rating Management
  • Crew/Customer support 24/7 (mob., e-mail)


10 101 seamen have already registered
the Wellteam Marine
Single Engineer
3450 USD
CH ENG for Crew Boat
250 USD